Life Beyond Fitness: You’re Fit, Now What?


Health & fitness challenges are endless and can leave you asking yourself “now what?” What happens after you’ve hit your goal weight? What happens after your posture is corrected? What happens after you’ve built your physique?

The answer? Nothing in particular. You can always lose more body fat, become more flexible, and gain better muscle definition and mass. It is important then, for your overall joy and enjoyment of life, to understand the limitations of physical achievement.

More This, More That

It is important to have low body fat, to have balanced muscle tension & posture, and to build/maintain muscle – yet these are goals that can be pursued endlessly.

Your true sense of fulfillment will not come from reaching goals, if you’ve ever asked yourself “what is this whole existence for?”, you’ve come close to understanding this point.

Sensing that achievement does not guarantee joy is just glimpsing at the truth, what you choose to do after the glimpse is what matters. You may shy away from this fact, and create more goals blindly to ride another wave of happiness that chasing achievement can bring – or you may sit still for a moment, and reflect on the bigger picture. Some call this sitting still and reflecting on the bigger picture “meditation”.

Achieve with Love

You can stumble your way from achievement to achievement with lots of coffee, “hustling”, “grinding”, and tension, or you can move with grace and Love (and maybe some coffee), and have achievements come as a side-effect of moving with this greater Love, as is commonly put “going with the flow”.

This connection to “the flow” can come from religion, meditation, or whatever spiritual bridge you have truly felt under your feet.

Hovhannes Mkhitaryan from The LA Trainer

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