Kettlebell Training with 2 Powerful Exercises


The kettlebell is a versatile equipment, which could make it difficult to utilize. Here’s how to 1) pick a starting kettlebell weight, and 2) perform a simple routine that only last a few minutes yet is super effective.

Picking Your Kettlebell

These are general ranges for your starting kettlebell weight:

  • Women: 18-26 lbs.
  • Men: 35-44 lbs.

Start on the lighter side, even if you can pick up heavier kettlebells with some effort. Lots of kettlebell movements take only a bit of weight to be effective.

The 2-Move Workout

Here’s the workout to try, perform at least 3 times:

The Face-To-Wall Squat ensures that you stick your butt out, keep your back straight, and keep your knees safe. If you try to bend your back, your face will hit the wall, if you compromise your knees, they will hit the wall. Great technique not only for starters, but to always keep your form in check.

The Halo Circles take a lot of effort, breathe throughout and switch to a lighter weight if the movement feels impossible.

Train hard, but understand the role of physical fitness training within your overall health program.

Hovhannes Mkhitaryan from The LA Trainer

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