Stretch Your Psoas, Save Your Back


If you sit for most of your day, chances are, you’ll develop a tight Psoas muscle over time.

The Psoas

The Psoas muscle attaches from your lower spine (mostly the lumbar spine) to the top of your femur (the thigh bone).

It is one of the “hip flexor” muscles because it helps you flex your hip, bringing your knee to your chest.

If you are sitting, the hip flexors are in a flexed, short position. Imagine flexing your bicep for 8 hours straight, this is what happens if you sit at work.

Misaligned Pelvis

A tight Psoas is likely to tilt your pelvis forward and cause lower back pain in what is called “anterior pelvic tilt”.

Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Fix your forward tilting pelvis with the help of these methods:

  • Stretch hip flexors (including Psoas)
  • Stretch Quads
  • Strengthen Abdominal Muscles
  • Strengthen Hamstrings

We are stretching the muscles that are tight, and strengthening the muscles that are weak – a standard method to fix muscular imbalances.

Stretching The Psoas

There are 2 effectives stretches I use whenever I feel my hip flexors getting tight:

Have you tried these yet? How have they worked? Find me on Instagram and tell me!

Hovhannes Mkhitaryan from The LA Trainer

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